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  ISSN: 0857-0841 (Print)
  ISSN: 2630-029X (Online)

"Article Journal of Agriculture"
Volume 34 Issue 2 May 2018 , ISSN 0857-0841
Title. : Increasing Exibitor Potential Against Pink Cassava Mealybug Using Crude Extract of Chitinase and Protease with Beauveria bassiana
Author : Sukanda Vichitphan, Supattarasorn Tabsri and Kanit Vichitphan
Page : 205-214
index word : เพลี้ยแป้งมันสำปะหลังสีชมพู(Pink cassava mealybug) ราก่อโรคในแมลง(entomopathogenic fungi) ไคติเนส(chitinase) โปรติเอส(protease) Beauveria bassiana
Chitinase and protease produced from two effective entomopathogenic fungi (Aspergillus flavus isolate L21A and Beauveria bassiana isolate LARTC2, respectively), exhibited potential properties against pink cassava mealybug (Phenacoccus manihoti). In this study, B. bassiana isolate LARTC2 was selected to test the virulence of the entomopathogenic fungus supplemented with crude enzyme chitinase and crude protease against 3rd instar nymph of pink cassava mealybug in the laboratory. Virulence was evaluated by percent mortality and median lethal time (LT50). The highest effective treatment was found from the condition by using crude enzyme of both chitinase and protease with spores of B. bassiana isolate LARTC2 for a 1 x 107 spores/ml. The percent mortality at day 3 and LT50 were 65.56 ± 4.55% and 2.52 days, respectively. The physical evaluation of dead pink cassava mealybug exposed with spores of B. bassiana isolate LARTC2 supplemented with crude chitinase and crude protease at day 3 showed the deterioration of insect and mycelium of fungus covering on the insect. The increasing mycelium with white spores of B. bassiana isolate LARTC2 on dead pink cassava mealybug was observed when this insect was incubated at 30 ºC for 3 days. These results showed the potential of chitinase and protease in increasing the virulence of entomopathogenic fungi against pink cassava mealybug.
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