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  ISSN: 0857-0841 (Print)
  ISSN: 2630-029X (Online)

"Article Journal of Agriculture"
Volume 34 Issue 2 May 2018 , ISSN 0857-0841
Title. : Classification of Farm Households in Rice-based Farming Systems in Kamphaeng Phet Province
Author : Suchanee Subsomboon, Benchaphun Ekasingh, Chanchai Sangchyoswat, Jirawan Kitchaicharoen and Panomsak Promburom
Page : 255-267
index word : การวิเคราะห์องค์ประกอบ(Factor analysis) การวิเคราะห์จัดกลุ่ม(cluster analysis) ระบบฟาร์มแบบปลูกข้าวเป็นหลัก(rice-based farming system)
In order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in agricultural extension activities, farmers have to be classified into groups in order to have similarity of their resources and characteristics. This study had as its objective to classify farmers into groups, according to important factors relating to physical, biological, social and economic conditions. Before classifying farmer’s groups by means of cluster analysis, related variables are first grouped into fewer sets of variables using factor analysis. The samples are farmers in the rice-based farming systems in Kamphaeng Phet province. The results showed that 10 components (groups) could be created from 49 initial variables. The most influential set of variables is that of farm income. Six farmer clusters could be identified from those with very high land and other assets to those with very low land and other assets. The results of this study can be used to identify farming households that need assistance and cases of farm households with good performance within a cluster can be used as models for other farm households to improve their production and income potential.
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