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  ISSN: 0857-0841 (Print)
  ISSN: 2630-029X (Online)

"Article Journal of Agriculture"
Volume 34 Issue 3 September 2018 , ISSN 0857-0841
Title. : Analysis on Specific Molecular Marker Some Dendrobium Sw. Species in Thailand Containing Bibenzyl Derivatives Using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) Technique
Author : Uthaiwan Sapkaew and Shermarl Wongchaochant
Page : 33-340
index word : พฤกษเคมี(Phytochemical) กล้วยไม้คุณสมบัติเป็นยา(medicinal orchids) เครื่องหมายดีเอ็นเอ(DNA marker) ลำดับเบสดีเอ็นเอ(DNA sequences)
Bibenzyl derivatives in Dendrobium Sw. are used as medicine composition for preventing and curing several diseases. The genetic selection using specific molecular markers could reduce time and cost for Dendrobium Sw. identification based on their main chemical constituents. The purpose of this study was to examine the specific markers for some Dendrobium Sw. species in Thailand which contain bibenzyl derivatives using ISSR technique. The specific fragments of 7 Dendrobium species in Thailand were analyzed with 96 ISSR primers. The results revealed that 4 DNA fragments produced from 4 ISSR primers i.e. UBC-861, UBC-862, UBC-881 and UBC-895 primers from 10 ISSR primers showed polymorphic bands patterns between Dendrobium Sw. containing bibenzyl derivatives. Only the 350 bp DNA fragments amplified with UBC-895 primer were used for sequencing. The result of UBC-895_350 sequencing showed that DNA fragments length was 289 base pairs. The sequence was identical to bibenzyl synthase-like of Dendrobium catenatum and mRNA of D. catenatum in NCBI database. It was recommended that the results from this investigation could be used as basic knowledge for developing the specific molecular markers to identify Dendrobium Sw. for further research.
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